Flashpoint is a hit drama series that centralize within and around a Toronto based SWAT team, and follow around their lives within the force and outside of it. The drama is developed by Flashpoint Season I-V Productions Inc and is broadcasted by CTV. The show was granted approximately $9,000,000 in its fourth season and $6,500,000 in its fifth season.


The show has a huge fan-base and continued strong to their final season. Their official Facebook page has nearly 500,000 likes while on Twitter with their account with 12,000 followers. Their twitter account have been more consistent comparing to their Facebook counter-part. With quiet often re-tweets of people who still watches the show and promotes the hashtag #Flashpoint

“Flashpoint | Abby Koehler”. Sites.psu.edu. N. p., 2014. Web. 19 Apr. 2016.


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