The Evolution of Hip Hop.

The documentary is called Hip Hop Evolution. The documentary indulges in the history and changes of Hip Hop music. Explaining how the genre made a huge influence on culture, and other types of genre of musics. The documentary is developed by Hip Hop Evolution Inc. and broadcasted by Bell Media. Granting it with $45,000 budget commitment.


Even though it’s the documentary has an interesting subject, and the documentary-series only spans of only four episodes. The digital media platform is lacking in many areas. There is a limited amount of out-reach to fans, and specifically to fans of hip hop music and whom are interested in the subject. Even being a Canadian made documented would not be noticed well. It’s been promoted on a few hip hop and urban websites like The Fader. But there is close to no interaction between media and audience.

Toronto, C. and Darville, J. (2016).Canadian-Produced Documentary Series Hip-Hop Evolution To Premiere In Toronto. [online] The FADER. Available at:–premiere-toronto [Accessed 18 Apr. 2016].


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