Total Drama Series!

The Total Drama series was a hit show for Canadians. The show was clearly targeting young adults because of the content that was written and animated into it. The Total Drama series was produced by Fresh TV and broadcasted by Cartoon Network and Teletoon. It ran for five series and at least a spin off called Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.

The show has many ways on reaching out to their fans, for an example through social media. On the Cartoon Network official Twitter account followers succeeds around half a million followers. It’s impressive for an animated show. With many more out-reach through Facebook and Instagram.

To even reach out to viewers more effectively, I thought that a contest of some sort would be good. Viewers who choose to enter the competition gets to create a character and if picked their character would appear in an episode, and maybe a line or two.

total_drama_all_stars_cast_list_by_whybot221-d7ydr52, (2016). Total Drama All-Stars Cast List. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Feb. 2016].


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