Sidekick a children television show, broadcasted on channel called YTV. (Literally my childhood!) The show is about a twelve year old child named Eric Needles, who is the sidekick of Maxum Man, a super hero within the show. The show follows his life and his best friends’ life on learning and becoming sidekicks.

The show went on for four seasons from 2010 to 2013. The show was produced by Nelvana Enterprises Inc./ Nelvana Limited and it was aired on YTV. The target audience of this show is for children. More specifically six to thirteen years old. But older audience have an odd connection with the show, watch it. That included me when I watched it.


It’s clever how they reach out to their audience. Children who watch the show are way too young to use social media or even the Internet in general. Obviously with parental aid, their children can play multiple games solely based off the show itself on a computer, through the Internet or through mobile gaming on smart devices.

The games are located on their broadcast website in the show section. The section also has dozens of videos that audience can watch, from clips to full episode on demand and free. They also have a picture section where fans of the show submitted, and had their art visible to the public.


Now, I ideas that they can reach out to their audience is adding more games, not only on internet based games, but more on other platforms. A good example is more mobile smart device types of games. Another platform is game systems like the Xbox One, or PlayStation 4. As well as the Nintendo Wii U or a Nintendo 3DS, systems that are more aimed for children.

The show was great while it lasted and the way they reached their audience is great as well., (2016). Games. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Feb. 2016].

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