Pilot, Part 1

With the DC Television universe all crossing and weaving like with The CW’s Arrow and The Flash. Many interesting and obscure characters are being introduced with those very shows. Like The Atom played by Brandon Routh and Hawkgirl played by Ciara Renée.

The show is about a group what in the show called “Legends” who travel time to stop a villain named Vandal Savage. His objective the typical plan of taking over the world and kill everybody. Even if that sounds all nice the team has their difference and personalities making a problem within team and themselves but need to deal with the fact for the greater good.


This was a major risk to CW. The ones responsible making this show happen. The reason why it’s risky is because the show is based off of B-list heroes, supporting characters, and here’s the kicker, two villains.

With those risks, they had to promote the life out of this show or it would be a disaster. To promote the show they’d probably go for the most populated place where people would be dwelling on the Internet. Facebook and Twitter.

On Twitter the show has nearly a 100,000 followers. As for Facebook, it has nearly 700,000 likes. Every day they posts teases of the new show with small clips and pictures. In the week before the premiere of the show, a special thirty minute block was fixed to air about the show, before the Warner Bros Dawn of the Justice League special.

The special block was introduction to the characters and to thoroughly explain their origin stories if you are not a watcher of the previous shows.

It be surprising whom the target audience is. The comic fans from all genders and ages are the most definite one. Or just generic viewers who just want to be hooked on a new show. But they’d probably have to watch current and ongoing CW shows.

The show is good overall, but the show has lots of places but it will catch eyes quickly…if they throw in Arrow a bit more, and maybe a Flash cameo.

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