Battle of the Blades

Battle of the Blades is a hit Variety & Performing Arts show that showcases figure skating teamwork between professional figure skaters and hockey players. The show is developed by Insight-Battle of the Blades 1-4 Ltd. and is broadcasted by CBC. The show was granted approximately $4,954,879 in its third season and $4,876,667 in its forth season.


The show had a large and devoted fan-base and continued strong to their final season. Their official Facebook page has nearly 31,000 likes while on Twitter with their account with 7,000 followers. As of right now, both accounts have been lacking in activity due to the fact that the show has been canceled since 2013.  The way the show communicates with their audience is by promoting the hashtag, #BTOB and #CBCBattle., Read. “Battle Of The Blades Recap: Shae-Lynn Bourne And Anson Carter Skate Away”. N. p., 2013. Web. 19 Apr. 2016.



Flashpoint is a hit drama series that centralize within and around a Toronto based SWAT team, and follow around their lives within the force and outside of it. The drama is developed by Flashpoint Season I-V Productions Inc and is broadcasted by CTV. The show was granted approximately $9,000,000 in its fourth season and $6,500,000 in its fifth season.


The show has a huge fan-base and continued strong to their final season. Their official Facebook page has nearly 500,000 likes while on Twitter with their account with 12,000 followers. Their twitter account have been more consistent comparing to their Facebook counter-part. With quiet often re-tweets of people who still watches the show and promotes the hashtag #Flashpoint

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The Evolution of Hip Hop.

The documentary is called Hip Hop Evolution. The documentary indulges in the history and changes of Hip Hop music. Explaining how the genre made a huge influence on culture, and other types of genre of musics. The documentary is developed by Hip Hop Evolution Inc. and broadcasted by Bell Media. Granting it with $45,000 budget commitment.


Even though it’s the documentary has an interesting subject, and the documentary-series only spans of only four episodes. The digital media platform is lacking in many areas. There is a limited amount of out-reach to fans, and specifically to fans of hip hop music and whom are interested in the subject. Even being a Canadian made documented would not be noticed well. It’s been promoted on a few hip hop and urban websites like The Fader. But there is close to no interaction between media and audience.

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Total Drama Series!

The Total Drama series was a hit show for Canadians. The show was clearly targeting young adults because of the content that was written and animated into it. The Total Drama series was produced by Fresh TV and broadcasted by Cartoon Network and Teletoon. It ran for five series and at least a spin off called Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.

The show has many ways on reaching out to their fans, for an example through social media. On the Cartoon Network official Twitter account followers succeeds around half a million followers. It’s impressive for an animated show. With many more out-reach through Facebook and Instagram.

To even reach out to viewers more effectively, I thought that a contest of some sort would be good. Viewers who choose to enter the competition gets to create a character and if picked their character would appear in an episode, and maybe a line or two.

total_drama_all_stars_cast_list_by_whybot221-d7ydr52, (2016). Total Drama All-Stars Cast List. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Feb. 2016].


Sidekick a children television show, broadcasted on channel called YTV. (Literally my childhood!) The show is about a twelve year old child named Eric Needles, who is the sidekick of Maxum Man, a super hero within the show. The show follows his life and his best friends’ life on learning and becoming sidekicks.

The show went on for four seasons from 2010 to 2013. The show was produced by Nelvana Enterprises Inc./ Nelvana Limited and it was aired on YTV. The target audience of this show is for children. More specifically six to thirteen years old. But older audience have an odd connection with the show, watch it. That included me when I watched it.


It’s clever how they reach out to their audience. Children who watch the show are way too young to use social media or even the Internet in general. Obviously with parental aid, their children can play multiple games solely based off the show itself on a computer, through the Internet or through mobile gaming on smart devices.

The games are located on their broadcast website in the show section. The section also has dozens of videos that audience can watch, from clips to full episode on demand and free. They also have a picture section where fans of the show submitted, and had their art visible to the public.


Now, I ideas that they can reach out to their audience is adding more games, not only on internet based games, but more on other platforms. A good example is more mobile smart device types of games. Another platform is game systems like the Xbox One, or PlayStation 4. As well as the Nintendo Wii U or a Nintendo 3DS, systems that are more aimed for children.

The show was great while it lasted and the way they reached their audience is great as well., (2016). Games. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Feb. 2016].

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Pilot, Part 1

With the DC Television universe all crossing and weaving like with The CW’s Arrow and The Flash. Many interesting and obscure characters are being introduced with those very shows. Like The Atom played by Brandon Routh and Hawkgirl played by Ciara Renée.

The show is about a group what in the show called “Legends” who travel time to stop a villain named Vandal Savage. His objective the typical plan of taking over the world and kill everybody. Even if that sounds all nice the team has their difference and personalities making a problem within team and themselves but need to deal with the fact for the greater good.


This was a major risk to CW. The ones responsible making this show happen. The reason why it’s risky is because the show is based off of B-list heroes, supporting characters, and here’s the kicker, two villains.

With those risks, they had to promote the life out of this show or it would be a disaster. To promote the show they’d probably go for the most populated place where people would be dwelling on the Internet. Facebook and Twitter.

On Twitter the show has nearly a 100,000 followers. As for Facebook, it has nearly 700,000 likes. Every day they posts teases of the new show with small clips and pictures. In the week before the premiere of the show, a special thirty minute block was fixed to air about the show, before the Warner Bros Dawn of the Justice League special.

The special block was introduction to the characters and to thoroughly explain their origin stories if you are not a watcher of the previous shows.

It be surprising whom the target audience is. The comic fans from all genders and ages are the most definite one. Or just generic viewers who just want to be hooked on a new show. But they’d probably have to watch current and ongoing CW shows.

The show is good overall, but the show has lots of places but it will catch eyes quickly…if they throw in Arrow a bit more, and maybe a Flash cameo.

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